Recycling is the keyword: With the increasing scarcity and cost of raw materials, reuse is the future. It saves a lot of money and contributes to a cleaner world! 

At OBM, we give used recycling machines a second chance. Balers that are no longer used by recycling companies, for whatever reason, but are not yet ready for scrapping. With 40 years of experience in the recycling of a.o. paper, plastic and metal, OBM knows what recycling companies need and what they demand from their machines like no other. We understand what you need! 

OBM offers you a superb opportunity to purchase A-class balers and shredders at strongly reduced prices!

Second-hand recycling machinery. With or without remanufacturing. Big or small. You choose! 

All kind of A-brands

All our balers are of European top brands, including the Dutch brands BOLLEGRAAF and BOA, MACPRESSE from Italy, and PAAL from Germany, all known for their highly reliable, durable and high-class machinery. For refurbishing  we only use new and original parts. All our technical specialists learned their trade in the factories of these recycling giants, and know the machines inside and out. At OBM, you are ensured to get A-class quality at an attractive price! 

Choose your own refurbishing level...

At OBM, you can decide the condition of the second-hand machine you buy. Our fully refurbished  machines are as good as new. Technically and aesthetically, they have been fully checked over by our own technical specialists with years of experience. Don’t want a remanufactured machine or prefer to do it yourself? No problem, if desired, we can also supply second-hand balers or shredders without or with partial refurbishing . Everything is possible 

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