Chain belt conveyor Bollegraaf, type HBT 600-2000x21,986, yoc 2000, compl. refurbished 2020, dimensions 6,723 / 13,923/ 1,340 / 2,000 / 5,900 mm

Technical data conveyor belt





HBT 600/2000 x 21.986

Year of contruction

2000 (overhauled 2020)

Drive power

7,5 kW

Length infeed conveyor over all

6,723 mm

Length module infeed conveyor

5,500 mm

Height infeed conveyor over all

1,300 mm

Height side wall infeed conveyor

500 mm

Length elevating conveyor over all

13,923 mm

Lenght module elevating conveyor

13,300 mm

Height side wall elevating conveyor

800 mm

Gradient of elevating conveyor


Length gooseneck

1,340 mm

Lenght module gooseneck

1,000 mm

Slope of gooseneck


Height drive shaft over ground

approx. 5.900 mm

Effective width

2,000 mm

Pit dimensions

9.900 x 2.750 x 1.300 mm (l x w x h)



Overhaul work:

·         Frame sandblasted, primed and repainted

·         Chain guide rails renewed

·         Chain will renewed

·         Gears will renewed

·         Rubber belt will renewed

·         Steel tappets will renewed




The steel construction of the conveyor belt was completely overhauled. Wearing parts such as chains, gears, rubber belt and steel tappets are renewed when the dimensions for the new location have been determined. At the customer's request, the belt can be adapted, shortened or extended.

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