Slide belt conveyor Hunkeler, type 9500, yoc 12/2018, elevating conv. w. feeding chute 6,800 mm, goose neck 1,600 mm, drive shaft ov. ground 3,260 mm

Technical data for the conveyor belt

Manufacturer Hunkeler Systeme AG, Switzerland

Type 9500

Year of manufacture 12/2018

Drive power 3 kW

Belt speed 0.3 m/second

Length ascending belt 6.800 mm, gradient 32°

Length of gooseneck 1,600 mm, gradient -22°

Effective width 970 mm

Transfer height 3,260 mm

Conveyor belt fitted with vulcanised carriers 40 mm high

Height of side wall of ascending belt, inside 810 mm

Transport dimensions 10,000 x 1,600 x 1,800 mm (l x w x h)

Weight approx. 2,5 t

New price 42,600 CHF



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