Cardboard shredder Presto, type PZA, yoc 2011 and 2007, throughput volume approx. 130 m³/hour, drive power 7,5 and 2,2 kW, electrical connection 32 A

Technical data cardboard shredder:

Manufacturer Presto  GmbH & Co. KG

Type PZA

Year of construction 2011 (38.761 h), 2007 (52.386 h), 2007 (52.998 h) und 2007 (55.325 h) stand operating hours counter November 2021

Throughput volume 130 m³/hour

Speed 37/9 rpm

Motor power 7,5 / 2,2 kW

Electrical connection 32 A

Dimensions shredder inside 1,490 x 1,320 x 530 mm (L x W x H)

Dimensions shredder outside without cover 2,308 x 1,320 x 685 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight 0,45 tons


Use of the systems:

The four PZA cardboard shredders were in use in a Dutch logistics centre until 15 December 2021 to pre-shred loose, erected cardboard boxes from the returns department and then press them into bales. The cartons were fed manually onto the infeed conveyor and transported directly to the cardboard shredder by a sliding belt conveyor and shredded. The pre-shredded cardboard boxes were then transported over hundreds of metres to the baler where they were pressed.



Scope of delivery:

4 pieces Presto cardboard shredder (2-shaft shredder) type PZA



The cardboard shredders were an elementary part of the disposal line and therefore good maintained to ensure high availability of the returns department. The machines are in good condition and ready for immediate use. The price is per piece exw. our warehouse in Siddeburen, the Netherlands.

The documentation (Manual, CE, electr./hydr.-drawings), are completely available.  Inspections are possible after agreement.  We will not assume liability for the given technical data and possible errors.

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