Cross Wrap wrapping line, type CDW 2200 LW 750-1-10, yoc 2015, only 796 bales have been wrapped, throughput up to 60 bales per hour with 5 wrapping layers

Technical data on the wrapping line:

Manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy Ltd, Siilinjärvi, Finland

Type CDW 2200 LW 750-1-10

Year of construction 2015

Number of wrapped bales 796 pieces

Operating time only 3 days, exclusively by running-in process of the entire line during new installation

Wrapping time with 5 film layers approx. 60 seconds per bale

Bale dimensions (w x h x l) 1100 x 100 x 1400 - 1900 mm

Max. bale weight Bale weight 2,000 kg

Conveying and wrapping height of the system 1,200 mm

Max. Conveying width of the system 1,200 mm

Material to be wrapped RDF/MSW

Availability of the line 98 %

Noise level of the wrapping line 85 dB(A)

Total connected load 22 kW

Rated current 65 A

Width of film roll 750 mm

Film thickness 25 micron stretch film

Film roll diameter 240 mm

Max. weight per film roll 25 kg

Plastic film consumption approx. 0.7 to 1.0 kg/m³

Operating display SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI Touch


Installation dimensions 19,547 x 3,670 x 3,257 mm (l x w x h)


Scope of delivery:

Bale slide 2,800 x 1,200 x 1,200 mm

Feed conveyor to wrapper 1,900 x 1,200 x 1,200 mm

Wrapper 2,613 x 2,616 x 3,262 mm

Vertical wrapping conveyor 1,600 x 1,200 x 1,200 mm

Rotary table 1.500 x 1.200 x 1.200 mm

Discharge conveyor 9,400 x 1,200 x 1,200 mm


Special equipment:

Oil heating in hydraulic oil tank

Heating in control cabinet

Oil cooler in Hydraulic unit


Explanation of the short period of use:

The entire Cross Wrap wrapping line type CDW 2200 LW 750-1-10 incl. a baler was installed at a municipal waste incineration plant in 2015. The background to the installation of the entire system was that in the case of a malfunction or maintenance of the incineration plant, the municipal waste can continue to be collected, pressed, wrapped and stored until the malfunction is eliminated. This worst-case scenario never happened. The plant was set up, run in and then never used in regular operation. Only during the commissioning and running-in of the entire system in 2015, 796 bales were wrapped on three days. The system is in very good condition and ready for immediate use. Due to reconstruction measures in the incineration plant, the installation area of the wrapping line was needed. As a result, the complete wrapping line is for sale.



Short description of the wrapping process:

The pressed bales are transported to the vertical wrapping belt via a bale slide and a conveyor belt. This is where the vertical wrapping / stretching takes place. As soon as the bale has been wrapped vertically, it moves on to the turntable. Here it is also wrapped horizontally. Depending on the material and the expected turnover frequency, the amount of wrapping layers can be adjusted individually. The wrapped bales are then transported onto a discharge conveyor and can be removed by a forklift truck.



New price of the complete plant 156.000,- €. The documentation (operating instructions, CE declaration, electrical/hydraulic circuit diagram) is complete.  The unit has been dismantled into freight-manageable units, stored and is available for inspection and loading at short notice. We do not accept any liability for the technical details or any errors.

Please note:

  • All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner. We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
  • This offer is non-binding, prior sale excepted und revocable at any time.
  • Inspections possible after agreement. 
  • The sale is ex location, as it stands and lays, without liability and guarantee.