Hägglunds Power Unit PEC 803, drive power 2 x 315 kW, with 2 pice Denison pumps type P30S, max. torque p 345 bar 2751 Nm

Technical data Hägglunds Power Unit PEC 803

Manufacturer Hägglunds Drives, Sweden

Id.-no. 0803-1505

Type PEC 0803 501/501 315/315 35 1110

Drive power 2 x 315 kW

Flow volume 2 x 737 l/min. at 1,470 rpm

Max. pressure 345 bar

Volume of hydraulic oil tank 800 l

Transport dimensions 3,150 x 1,550 x 3,050 mm (w x d x h)

Transport dimensions with disassembled motors and without upper protective cover 3,150 x 1,550 x 2,300 mm (w x d x h)

Weight 5,960 kg


Drive motors:

Manufacturer ABB

Type M2Ca 355/A 4 V1

Drive power 315 kW/400 V/50 Hz

Current consumption 545 A

Turns/min 1488 rpm

Weight 1.530 kg/piece



Manufacturer Denison Hydraulics, Marysvill, USA

Type P30S 2R1B 8A2 B00 2B1 M2 09098

Model 023-09098-0 and 023-07493-0

Serial-no. 01010663 00 B and 01005964 99 D

Displacement variable pump V gmax 501 cm3

Displacement auxiliary pump V gH 17.2 + 79.2 cm3

Maximum number of revolutions 1,800 rpm

Max. Flow volume Q max. at 1800 rpm: 902 L/min

Max. flow rate Max. flow volume Q at 1500 rpm: 751 L/min.

Max. flow rate Torque p = 345 bar: 2751 Nm

Max. Torque p = 100 bar: 797 Nm

Maximum pressure continuous operation 345 bar

Maximum pressure peak 420 bar

Pump weight 357 kg


Scope of delivery:

Power Pack with two motors, two pumps, hydraulic oil tank (drained) and steel box with forklift shoes and crane eyes.



A documentation (BA, CE, electrical/hydraulic circuit diagram), is not available. Visits are possible by appointment. We assume no liability for the technical data and possible errors.

If it is absolutely necessary for transport, the upper protective cover for the drive motors and also the motors themselves can be dismantled at an additional charge for dismantling costs. Then a transport height of 2,300 mm would have to be realized


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