Paper and cardboard sorting line, manufacturer Lubo Screening & Recycling Systems, yoc 2005, througput capacity approx. 20 tons/hour

Technical data OCC / paper sorting line:

Manufacturer LUBO Screening & Recycling Systems B.V.

Type Sorting plant for paper and cardboard

Year of construction 2005

Throughput capacity approx. 20 t/hour

Average material bulk weight approx. 50 kg/cbm

Overall plant dimensions approx. 16,700 x 15,000 x 7,000 mm (l x w x h)


Short description of the plant:

Paper and cardboard is dumped in the hall by truck and pushed onto the hydraulic push floor (walking floor feed bunker) by means of a forklift truck with a scraper blade. From there, the material falls evenly and in measured quantities onto the Wagensveld chain belt conveyor, which conveys the material to the double-deck star screen. Here, the large-sized cardboard fraction is separated from paper. The oversize fraction (cardboard) is piled up on the hall floor behind the starscreen. The undersize fraction (paper) falls through the starscreen and is fed via the sliding belt conveyor onto the second Bollegraaf HBT 1200/1500 * 20.574 infeed belt. Here it is possible to use two sorting crews at half height on the conveyor belt to sort out impurities. There are two discharge chutes each for impurities. The main fraction is conveyed further into the baler and pressed. In addition, it is possible to feed other material fractions (e.g. cardboard, films, plastics, etc.) separately onto the Bollegraaf conveyor belt using a forklift truck and to press them directly.


Technical data hydraulic walkingfloor (feed surface):

Manufacturer Spiro Floor

Type 96

Year of manufacture 2005

Volume hydraulic oil tank 200 L

Dimensions of moving floor approx. 10,500 x 3,000 mm (l x w)

Pit dimensions 11,000 x 3,000 x 1,000 mm (l x w x d)


Technical data for the feeding and ascending belt from the push floor to the double deck starscreen:

Manufacturer Wagensveld B.V.

Year of construction 2005

Execution chain belt conveyor


Technical data for the double deck starscreen:

Manufacturer LUBO Screening & Recycling Systems

Type OCC Star Screen 660, 2040 x 7165

Year of construction 2005

Design double deck star screen with 2 x 7 shafts and 660 mm stars

Drive power 2 x 5,5 kW,

Speed controlled by frequency converter 40 - 130 rpm.

Screen cover area 7,000 x 2,040 mm (l x w)

Fraction size deck 1, shaft 1 to 2, distance between stars 182.5 mm, fraction size 0 to 155 mm

Fraction size deck 1, wave 3 to 6, distance between stars 365 mm, fraction size 0 to 337 mm

Fraction size deck 2, wave 7 to 8, distance between stars 166 mm, fraction size 0 to 138 mm

Fraction size deck 2, shaft 9 to 12, distance between stars 332 mm, fraction size 0 to 304 mm

Installation dimensions 8,816 x 4,772 x 7,034 mm (l x w x h)

Transport dimensions of dismantled starscreen 7,270 x 2,836 x 2,678 mm (l x w x h)


Technical data removal conveyor fine grain (paper):

Manufacturer LUBO Screening & Recycling Systems

Type GRB W1600 L5000

Year of manufacture 2005

Design roller belt conveyor

Conveyor width 1,600 mm

Drive power 2,2 kW

Transport dimensions 5,544 x 2,382 x 742 mm (l x w x h)


Technical data of the second infeed belt with sorting section to the baler:

Manufacturer Bollegraaf

Type HBT 1200/1500 * 20.574

Year of manufacture 2001

Drive power 5.5 kW

Length of infeed belt 4,428 mm

Length first ascending belt 10.040 mm

Length of sorting conveyor 2,040 mm

Length of second ascending conveyor 2,677 mm

Length of gooseneck 1,389 mm

Gradient 30

Useful width 1,500 mm

Weight 10,500 kg

Pit dimensions to conveyor belt 7850 x 2550 x 1150 mm (L x W x D)



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