Paper sorting line Bollegraaf, feeding bunker with dosing drum, 2-deck star screen, 1-deck star screen, paper Spike, automatic container feeding station

Technical data for feeding bunker with dosing drum:

Manufacturer Bollegraaf

Type bunker belt HBST-1200-2000*11000

Year of manufacture 2014

Throughput capacity approx. 20 t/hour, depending on material

Length bottom part 11,370 mm

Belt width 2,000 mm

Height of side wall of floor section 2,500 mm (base chassis)

Loading height current version 4,550 mm


Bunker belt design:

Steel plate conveyor in slat design 100 x 80 x 4 mm, connected to the hollow pin chain with 15 mm thick side plates.

Chain design 6" hollow pin chain with roller diameter 66.7 mm and breaking strength of 12 t.

Sprockets 398 mm diameter with 8 teeth

Diameter of drive shaft 90 mm

Diameter of deflection axle 60 mm

Drive motor 0.37 kW, motor is equipped with a frequency controller

Belt speed 0.2 to 0.7 m/minute


Dosing drum version:

Manufacturer Bollegraaf

Type BDF-1200/2000*11000

year of construction 2014

Drive power 15 kW

Rotation speed 40 - 70 revolutions/minute, infinitely variable with frequency controller

Drum width 2,000 mm

Drum diameter 1,360 mm

Drum design:

12 transversely mounted drivers, 80 mm high, 2,000 mm long

48 Hardox cams, 160 mm high, 2 each mounted in double spiral form, can be dismantled, can be used fourfold


Chain belt conveyor from feed hopper to the 2-deck star screen

Manufacturer EuroTec

Type KB 2000

Year of manufacture 2020

Length feeding belt 4.950 mm

Length ascending belt 8.500 mm

Total length of belt (circumference) 31,000 mm

Useful width 1,900 mm

Grade 45,5°

Drive power 7.5 kW

Type of rubber belt EP 40073

Type of chain M112 DIN 8167

Total length of chain 61,000 mm

Height of drive shaft above ground 7,000 mm

Height of side wall of infeed belt, inside 500 mm

Height of side wall, ascending belt inside 800 mm

Accessories Chain lubrication system


2-deck star screen with two discharge belts

Manufacturer Lubo Screening & Recycling Systems

Type K67DV132S4 / P030 with brake

Year of manufacture 2005

Drive power 2 x 5,5 kW

Working width 1,904 mm

Number of shafts/deck 6 pieces

Transport dimensions 7,000 x 2,900 x 2,600 mm (l x w x h)


Sliding belt discharge conveyor under the 2-deck star screen

Manufacturer Lubo Screening & Recycling Systems

Type Sliding belt conveyor GRB 2000

Year of manufacture 2005

Speed 54 m/minute

Transport dimensions 6,600 x 2,900 x 800 mm (l x w x h)


1-deck fine star screen to the paper spike

Type K47DT100L4 / P060 with brake

Year of manufacture 2005

Drive power 2 x 3,0 kW

Number of shafts/deck 14 pieces

Transport dimensions fine screen 3,500 x 2,850 x 1,100 mm (l x w x h)


Paper Spike

Manufacturer Grumbach

Type 2000

Working width 2,000 mm

Working length 2,300 mm

Drive power 5,5 kW

Transport dimensions Paper Spike 2400 x 2,380 x 800 mm (l x w x h)


Delivery ex location Germany, without disassembly

1 piece feeding bunker Bollegraaf, HBST-1200-2000*11000, year of construction 2014

1 piece dosing drum for feeding bunker Bollegraaf, BDF-1200/2000*11000, year of construction 2014

1 piece chain belt conveyor EuroTec, KB 2000, year of construction 2020

1 piece 2-deck coarse star screen, Lubo Systems, with 2 sliding belt discharge conveyors, year of construction 2005

1 piece 1-deck fine star screen, Lubo Systems, year of construction 2005

1 piece Paper Spike 2000, Grumbach

1 piece sorting cabin with 3 sorting places and 3 pieces Bollegraaf bunker belts

1 piece sliding belt conveyor as discharge belt for feeding the paper after sorting to the automatic container loading station

1 piece automatic container loading station, consisting of 2 reversible sliding belt conveyors, for container filling left - right and front - back.



The entire plant must be dismantled by the buyer starting from 01.03.2021, so haste is required. The documentation (operating instructions, CE declaration, electrical/hydraulic circuit diagram) is largely available. Inspections are possible after agreement.  We will not assume liability for the given technical data and possible errors.

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  • Inspections possible after agreement. 
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