Reel splitter - Guillotine, Paal, type RS 150/200, yoc 2012, only 359 operating hours, for reel width up to 2500 mm and reel height up to 1500 mm

Technical reel splitter / guillotine:

Manufacturer Paal

Typ RS 150/250

Year of construction 2012

Hours of operation 359 hours

Cutting force 200 kN

Cutting speed 4,9 cm/s

Return speed 13,8 cm/s

Drive power main pump 7,5 kW

Roll diameter max. 1.500 mm

Roll lenght max. 2.500 mm

Max. Passage dimensions under the knife 2,600 x 1,575 mm (w x h)

Machine installation dimensions 5,793 x 3,160 x 5,148 mm (w x d x h)

Hydraulik system pressure 260 bar

Volumen hydraulic oil tank 100 L

Rated power 8 kW

Rated current 16 A

Fuse max. 35 A

Machine weight approx. 9 tons


Additional equipment:

The roller splitter has been equipped with a chassis so that it can be used mobile at different locations on the company premises. For this purpose, the chassis is lifted on the right-hand side with two hydraulic cylinders. The wheels of the chassis can be lowered and locked manually. On the left side, the log splitter including the steering chassis is lifted by means of a manually operated hydraulic jack and is ready to move. To move it, the fork mount with guide pin is pushed onto both forks of a forklift truck. The pin of the mount is inserted from below into the guide bush of the chassis of the roll splitter. Equipped in this way, the log splitter can be moved on the company premises by means of a forklift truck.

The roller splitter is equipped with a remote control (wired). To do this, the light barriers in the safety grids are activated (some are defective and need to be renewed). Then the machine could be operated e.g. from 5 m distance. Since this function was not used at the customer's, the machine can be operated directly at the control cabinet by means of two-hand operation.



The guillotine is in good condition. The machine is still assembled, connected to electricity and can be inspected on site during operation.

The documentation (Manual, CE, elecr./hydr. wiring diagram) is available in German and French. An inspection is possible by arrangement. We do not assume any liability for the technical data and possible errors. 

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