Sorting line for paper/cardbaord with dosing wheel, disc screen, sorting cabin (fully air-conditioned), 4 bunker belts and automatic container loading station

Technical data sorting plant:

Manufacturer Horstmann

Type PPK sorting plant (separation of paper - cardboard, sorting of deinking qualities, sorting out of impurities)

Year of construction 2002

Throughput capacity up to 20 t/hour

Bunker volume approx. 80 m³

Rated power 123 kW

Installation area of the sorting plant without container loading station 40,000 x 10,000 x 7,500 mm (l x w x h)

Installation area of the container loading station 8,000 x 8,000 x 6,000 mm (l x w x h)


1-1 Feed conveyor, underfloor with push wall / baffle wall:

Type chain belt conveyor PK, underfloor

Length of infeed belt 4,800 mm, incline 0°.

Length of ascending belt 9,250 mm, incline 32°.

Width of conveyor belt 1,500 mm

Useful width 1,420 mm

Drive power 5.5 kW


1-2 Dosing wheel (retractable and extendable dosing wheel to limit the material height in front of the disc screen / sorting belt):

Metering roller 530 / 419 x 1,190 mm

Tear plates on roller 170 x 140 x 10 mm

Drive power 5.5 kW


1-3 Disc screen with undercarriage, screen can be extended by 1,800 mm to convey the material directly (without disc screen) to the sorting cabin:

11 disc shafts

Disc drum dimensions 580 / 244.5 x 1,608 mm

Drive power chassis 3.0 kW

Drive power screen 7.5 kW


1-4 Discharge belt over-grain (cardboard), behind the disc screen:

Type sliding belt conveyor PL

Centre distance 5,000 mm

Belt width 1,600 mm

Drive power 2.2 kW


1-5 Sorting belt:

Type sliding belt conveyor PL

Length of ascending belt under the disc screen 9,500 mm, incline 12°.

Length of sorting belt 11,050 mm, incline 0°

Belt width 1,400 mm

Drive power 5.5 kW


1-6 Ascending belt in falling chute conveyor Bunker 1-9 (reversible, to convey material directly over Bunker 1-9 for pressing into the baler):

Type sliding belt conveyor PL

Centre distance 3,300 mm, incline 30

Belt width 1,400 mm

Drive power 2.2 kW


1-7 Conveyor belt to container loading station:

Type sliding belt conveyor PL

Length 1 = 6,000 mm, incline 20°

Length 2 = 5,300 mm, incline 0°

Belt width 1,000 mm

Drive power 3.0 kW


1-8 Distribution belt with swivel mechanism as automatic container loading station (belt conveying direction reversible):

Type sliding belt conveyor PL

Centre distance 4,500 mm, incline 0°

Belt width 1,200 mm

Drive power 3,0 kW


Container loading can be operated on one side, container 1 or container 2 only, or on both sides, container 1 and 2 alternating.


1-9 to 1-12, 4 bunker belts, volume 20 m³/bunker:

Type chain belt conveyor PK

Centre distance 6,550 mm, incline 0°

Belt width 1,900 mm

Effective width 1,820 mm

Effective height over conveyor belt to sorting cabin 2,000 mm

Drive power 3.0 kW


1-15 Sorting cabin in segmental construction, insulated, fully air-conditioned (heated and cooled):

Cabin dimensions 9,140 x 6,000 x 2,500 mm (l x w x h).

4 sorting places with 6 discharge chutes

Elevation above bunker 3,000 mm

Height over all 5.500 mm


Condition of the plant:

The entire plant is still assembled and can be inspected in operation (without material use). The plant is in a good, fully functional condition.


Scope of delivery:

The delivery is ex site, as it stands and lies and includes the described items 1-1 to 1-12 and 1-15. The dedusting plant is not part of this offer, but can be purchased additionally against a separate bid. The dismantling of the plant, the disassembly into units suitable for freight, the loading, the removal as well as the broom-clean handover of the halls after completion of the work is the responsibility of the buyer.



The documentation (operating instructions, CE declaration, electrical/hydraulic circuit diagram) is available in German. An inspection is possible by arrangement. We do not assume any liability for the technical data and possible errors.


It is a complete paper/cardboard and deinking sorting plant, with infeed conveyor, disc screen, sorting cabin (fully air-conditioned), with 4 bunker belts and a fully automatic container loading station.

Please note:

  • All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner. We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
  • This offer is non-binding, prior sale excepted und revocable at any time.
  • Inspections possible after agreement. 
  • The sale is ex location, as it stands and lays, without liability and guarantee.