Feeding the cardboard boxes by means of a forklift, with a rotating fork, on an upper floor chain belt conveyor.
Conveying of the cardboard boxes via an ascending conveyor with gooseneck and BOREMA personnel safety system PSS i-BOR 17, directly into the press.
Baler BOA Impress M75-45F-A-5-S-1.6, year of construction 2015, pressing force 71,2 kN, drive power 45 kW, PLC Siemens S7 300.
The press is controlled via a separately in front of the baler placed control cabinet with Siemens Touch Panel.
The scope of delivery includes 4 wire drawing stations with wire deflection and 10 wire roll stands (without wire).
Overview of the complete line, the PET press line on the far left side of the picture is also for sale separately.
Also included in the scope of delivery is an access ladder with maintenance platform at the feed chute of the press.
Hydraulic power unit with 45 kW drive motor, 1,000 l hydraulic oil tank and with oil cooler.
The scope of supply also includes an access staircase with maintenance platform on the needle and tying unit of the press.
Special equipment, laterally swivelling tying system, for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The bottom of the press channel is equipped with replaceable, wear-resistant HARDOX steel plates.
5-fold vertical binding with 4 material retaining clamps.
Serrated counter knife plate, segmented exchangeable, for easy cutting of the cardboard.
Press ram with segmented blade set, individually exchangeable.
The press floor is equipped with wear-resistant HARDOX steel plates, individually replaceable.
Pre-press flap in good condition.
Switch cabinet, four-part, with key transfer system, air conditioning, Siemens S7 300 control system and separate switch cabinet (left side) for the BOREMA personal protection system PSS i-BOR 17.
Separate control cabinet with Siemens Multi Touch Panel, mounted approx. 5 m centrally in front of the press for a better overview.
Overview of the cardboard box pressing line, consisting of the main components chain belt conveyor, PSS i-BOR personal protection system and baler.

Baler BOA Impress M75-45F-A-5-S-1.6, press power 71,2 tons, yoc 2015, drive power 45 kW, incl. chain belt conveyor and personal protection system

Technical data baler


Type M75-45F-A-5-S-1.6

Year of construction 2015

Hours of operation 8,200 hours (stand 03.07.2020)

Press power main press 71,2 kN

Specific press capacity 9 kg/cm²

Operating pressure 280 bar

Cylinder stroke 2,200 mm

Feed channel 1,620 x 1,000 mm

Capacity per cycle time 2,4 m³

Theoretic cycle time 23 seconds

Theoretic  throughput rate 400 m³/hour

Bale size 1,100 x 720 mm, length variably adjustable up to 1,400 mm

Driving motor 45 kW

Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automatic

Throughput rate at a

bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm approx. 8 tons/hour

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx. 14 tons/hour

bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm approx. 20 tons/hour

bulk weight of 150 kg/cbm approx. 26 tons/hour

Bale weight up to 600 kg, depends on material

Volume hydraulic oil tank 1,000 l

SPS controller (manuf., type)  Siemens S7 300

Operating panel (manuf., type)  Siemens  Multi Touch Panel

Baler hight built up with hopper 7,100 mm

Machine weight baler approx. 32 tons

Noise level <85 dB (A)


Technical data of the chain belt conveyor, feeding to the baler

Manufacturer BOA

Typ 1700 KTH HSB 32° 4,000 x 7,300 x 1,500 mm

Year of construction 2015

Drive power 3 kW

Lenght feeding belt 4,000 mm

Lenght elevator belt 7.300 mm

Length gooseneck with feed funnel 1.500 mm

Effective width 1,620 mm

Grade 32°


Condition of the baler and conveyor belt:

The whole facility is in a very well maintained condition and will be in operation until approx. October/November 2020. After that the machines are available for dismantling and loading by the buyer. If required, the plant can also be dismantled and loaded by external companies on site.


Scope of delivery:

-       Chain belt conveyor BOA, type 1700 KTH HSB 32°, for upper floor feeding of the baler

-       Baler BOA M75-45F-A-5-S-1.6

-       Special accessories press, wire tensioning device for the lower wires

-       Access ladder with maintenance platform at the feed chute of the press

-       Access stairs with maintenance platform at the needle and tying unit of the press

-       4 wire drawing stations with wire deflection and 10 wire roll stands (without wire)

-       Bale slider

-       Personal protection system BOREMA PSS i-BOR 12



The documentation (Manual, CE, electr./hydr.-drawings), are completely available.  Inspections are possible after agreement.  We will not assume liability for the given technical data and possible errors.


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