Baler BOA, type 2020 18D, 43 tons press power, yoc 1997, drive power 18 kW, incl. chain belt conveyor BOA, type 1200 KTH, yoc 2007

Technical data baler

Manufacturer BOA Machinefabriek B.V.

Type 2020.18.D (CU25LB)

Year of construction 1997

Hours of operation 40,564 hours

Press power main press 43 tons

Specific press capacity 4.9 kg/cm2

Feed channel 1,200 x 1,000 mm

Filling volume 1,3 m3

Cycle time under operating conditions 22 sec.

Bale size 1,100 x 800 mm          

Drive power 18 kW                      

Connected load 25 kW                 

Tying system 4-fold vertical, fully automatic

Throughput capacity at a

bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm approx. 4,2 tons/h

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx. 6,3 ton /h

bulk weight of 80 kg/cbm approx. 8,5 tons/h

Bale weight  with a bale length of 1.2 m approx. 450 kg (depending on material)

SPS controller (manuf., type) Telemecanique TSX 17

Baler dimensions built up with hopper 7,780 x 1,350 x 3,092 mm



The press and conveyor belt are available at short notice, in good condition and ready for immediate use.


Technical data for the conveyor belt

Manufacturer BOA Recycling Solutions B.V.

Type 1200 KTH HS 32° 4000 x 7300

Year of construction 2017

Drive power 4 kW

Belt speed 21 m/min.

Length feeding conveyor 4,000 mm

Length elevating conveyor 7,300 mm

Grade 32°

Effecting width 1,200 mm

Transport weight 7,000 kg



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