Hook lift receiver for pick-up and transport with hook lift truck´s, for mobile use.
Dimensions of the chute: 1,450 x 1,100 mm. Bale dimensions 730 x 1,100 x 1,200 mm (variable length), bale weight 400 up to 900 kg, depending on material.
90 tons pressing force with dimensions of only 8.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.6 m (L x W x H) and approx. 18 tons transport weight. High performance with transportable dimensions.
Complete hydraulic unit for outdoor use, covered against rain and snow and enclosed with protective grilles.
The wire deflection unit remains at the machine for transport and can therefore be used at short notice.
3 piece main hydraulic cylinder for a maximun press force of 117 N/cm².
All hydraulic hoses have been replaced.
The hydraulic tank was completely emptied, cleaned, oil and air filters renewed and new hydraulic oil refilled.
All oil and air filters were renewed together with the hydraulic oil.
Drive power 2 x 45 kW, Current consumption 162 A.
The complete press unit including the hydraulic cylinders was removed and dismantled for overhauling.
All hydraulic cylinders and the main valves were dismantled and disassembled into individual parts.
The machine frame and the guideways were derusted, checked for wear, primed and painted.
The main valves were dismantled, cleaned, checked for wear, seals replaced and reassembled.
The main hydraulic cylinders were cleaned, the flange gaskets and bronze bushings removed.
The cylinder tubes and the piston rods were checked for damage.
As a precaution, all gasket sets were replaced on all three cylinders.
All cylinders were finally checked for tightness at 350 bar test pressure and approved.
The overhauled cylinders were equipped with new bronze bushings.
Newly inserted bronze bushes, all grease nipples were also renewed.
The press unit was dismantled, derusted, cleaned, primed and painted, as were the piston and bottom slide plates.
The sliding surfaces for the piston and bottom slide were cleaned and smoothed.
All sliding plastics were cleaned, smoothed and if worn, then renewed as shown in the picture.
All three retaining bolts of the main hydraulic cylinders have been replaced.
The press unit was cleaned, parts made movable, greased and reassembled with the tested sliding plastics.
The completely overhauled press unit, with cylinders and the cylinder mounting block, was prepared for final assembly.
The cylinder length measuring device was renewed.
All oil and air filters were renewed.
Mounted press unit, all sensors mounted and adjusted.
Roller block with C45 hardened rollers and special bearings greased and adjusted in height.
Press stamp adjusted in height and side.
The shafts of the wire deflection rollers have been renewed. On the left new shafts, on the right the old replaced shafts.
Wire deflection rollers derusted, made movable and mounted on the new shafts.
Press chamber and press channel de-rusted, running surfaces smoothed.
Retaining device to increase the clamping force when pressing smooth materials such as plastic hollow bodies such as bottles, canisters, buckets and drums.
Restraining device rust removed, made movable, primed and painted.
Hook lift holder for the pick-up and transport with hook lift truck, for mobile use.
Enclosed hydraulic unit, for outdoor use.
PLC Siemens S7-200, with operator panel Siemens SIMATIC Touch Panel TP 177A.
Quantity of pressed bales 3,253 pieces, operating hours pump 1: 677 hours, pump 2: 655 hours.
Remote maintenance module Siemens SIMATIC TSA-II modem, for fast machine analysis in case of malfunctions or for maintenance work.

Baler Europress 6100 V5, press power 90 tons, yoc 2008, drive power 2 x 45 kW, only 677 working hours, overhauled and tested with material

1.    Technical data baler

Manufacturer Europress Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Lathen, Germany

Typ 6100 V5

Year of construction 2008

Hours of operation 1. pump 677 hours

Hours of operation 2. pump 655 hours

Quantity of pressed bales 3,253 bales

Press power main press 90 tons

Specific press capacity 117 N/cm²

Operating pressure 230 bar

Max. working pressure 315 bar

Feed channel 1,450 x 1,100 mm

Bale size 730 x 1,100 x 1,200 mm (h x w x l, length is variable)

Bale weight 400 up to 900 kg, depends on material

Driving power 2 x 45 kW

Current consumption 162 A

Back-up fuse 200 A

Tying system 5-fold vertical, automatic

Volume hydraulic oil tank 1,200 l, viscosity 32 mm²/second

SPS controller Siemens S7-200

Operating panel Siemens SIMATIC Touch Panel TP 177A

Remote maintenance module Siemens SIMATIC TSA-II

Baler dimensions built up with hopper 11,500 x 2,500 x 4,600 mm (l x w x h)

Transport dimensions only baler 8,470 x 2,500 x 2,600 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight baler approx. 18 tons


2.    Special equipment of the machine:

a)    With hook lift frame for mobile use.

b)    3. main hydraulic cylinder as additional equipment for max. cutting force when pressing tough plastics.

c)    Additional restraining device to increase the clamping force when pressing smooth materials such as PET bottles, plastic canisters, buckets, barrels, to optimise dimensional stability and bale weight.

d)    Press stamp infinitely height-adjustable, for exact adjustment of the cutting gap of knife and counter knife.

e)    Press stamp runs on roller block with C45 hardened rollers and special bearings. Easily accessible from the outside for quick maintenance and replacement.

f)     Needle shafts in the press ram can be hydraulically closed with bottom and piston slide, made of HARDOX 500, for the pressing of waste with small grain size, shredded material, industrial waste, etc.

g)    4-fold pressure stage adjustment for different materials. In the pressure stages 3 and 4, cleaning strokes are connected upstream before the tying, so that even swirling materials can be easily set.

h)    Running rails on wear-resistant C45 steel, screwed design, for easy replacement.

i)      Bottom of press channel equipped with wear rails made of HARDOX 500.

j)      Knife bar (counter knife made of HARDOX 500 and knife on the press stamp made of XAR knife steel, case-hardened).

k)    Press equipped with cutting edge-free tamper for clearing the counter knife.



1.    Electrics:

a)    PLC Siemens S7-200.

b)    Operation panel Siemens SIMATIC Touch Panel TP 177A, with text information system and help functions for error messages.

c)    Remote maintenance module Siemens SIMATIC TSA-II modem, for fast machine analysis in case of malfunctions or for maintenance work.

d)    Control cabinet heating against formation of moisture and condensation water when the machine is in mobile use outside.

e)    Optocoupler equipped with LED for simple testing of switching operations on valves.

f)     Integrated conveyor belt control with soft start module.

g)    Connection for data line to the master computer or a system control.



3.    Hydraulics and drive:

a)    Drive power 2 x 45 kW, with 2-stage hydraulics, with double vane pumps and external hydraulic unit for easy maintenance.

b)    Tank heating for trouble-free operation outdoors at low temperatures.

c)    Hydraulic tank with 1,200 l capacity and large oil cooler for continuous operation 24 hours a day, even at high  temperatures outside.

d)    Roofing of the hydraulic unit for mobile outdoor use.


2.    Description of the overhaul work:

a)    Disassembly of the machine into individual assemblies, cleaning, derusting, priming and painting of the machine.

b)    Complete emptying and cleaning of the hydraulic oil tank.

c)    Air and oil filters renewed, new hydraulic oil refilled.

d)    All hydraulic hoses renewed.

e)    Press stamp incl. three main hydraulic cylinders removed.

f)     Press stamp cleaned, de-rusted and repainted. All sliding plastics checked, worn ones replaced.

g)    The bottom and piston slide plates are removed, cleaned, de-rusted and reassembled.

h)    All three main hydraulic cylinders disassembled, cylinder wall and piston rod checked, all seals replaced. Bronze bushing and cylinder pin renewed.

i)      Cylinder main valves disassembled, cleaned and reassembled.

j)      Needle tree dismantled, needles cleaned, de-rusted and greased.

k)    Needle heads disassembled, cleaned, knives checked, burrs on bearing shells ground off, bearings replaced and reassembled.

l)      Drilling unit disassembled, cleaned, chain wheels, chain and rodle shafts checked, bearings replaced and re-assembled.

m)   Wire deflection rollers in the cover of the press channel renewed.

n)    Wire deflection station under the machine at the needle slots disassembled, cleaned, made passable and reassembled.

o)    Press completely reassembled and tested with material, see video on our website.


4.    Scope of delivery:

Baling press with feed hopper and machine documentation in German language.


3.    Condition of the baler:

The press was overhauled as described above and tested with material, see function video on our homepage. The machine is in a really good condition, available at short notice and can be used immediately.



The documentation (Manual, CE-certificate, electric  and hydraulic drawings), are completely in German language available.  Inspections are possible after agreement.  We will not assume liability for the given technical data and possible errors.


Please note:

  • All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner. We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
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  • Inspections possible after agreement. 
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