BOA Impress M75-37F-A-5V, press power 75 tons, yoc 2016, only 1,013 operating hours, drive power 37 kW, with special REFUSE ram for pressing RDF

Technical data baler:

Manufacturer BOA Recycling Equipment B.V., Netherlands

Type Impress M75-37F-A-5V/(3HLI)-1.6-RE

Year of construction 2016

Hours of operation 1,013 hours (stand October 2021)

Press power main press 75 tons

Specific press capacity 9 kg/cm²

Operating pressure 280 bar

Cylinder stroke 2,200 mm

Feed channel 1,620 x 1,000 mm

Capacity per cycle time 2,4 m³

Cycle time 28 seconds

Theoretic throughput rate 400 m³/hour

Bale size 1,100 x 720 mm, length variably adjustable up to 1,600 mm

Driving motor 37 kW

Connected load 70 kW

Operating voltage 400 V / 50 Hz

Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automatic

Throughput rate at a

bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm approx. 7 tons/hour

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx. 12 tons/hour

bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm approx. 18 tons/hour

bulk weight of 150 kg/cbm approx. 23 tons/hour

Bale weight up to 600 kg, depends on material

Volume hydraulic oil tank 1,000 l

SPS controller (manuf., type) Siemens S7 300

Operating panel (manuf., type) Siemens Multi Touch Panel

Transport dimensions baler 10,700 x 2,500 x 3,430 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight baler approx. 32 tons

Noise level <85 dB (A)


Condition of the baler:

The entire plant was only in test operation for about one year as part of a pilot project. After that, the project was discontinued and the press was no longer needed. The machine was used to press shredded and pre-dried films from a film washer. The material was fed in an air stream via a rotary valve. Due to the extremely short operating time of effectively only 1,013 operating hours, the machine is in a very good condition in terms of wear. 


Scope of delivery:

1 piece Baler BOA Impress M75-37F-A-5V/(3HLI)-1.6-RE

1 piece wire deflection unit for the lower wire

4 pieces wire feed units for 500 kg wire rolls (without wire)

1 piece maintenance platform on the press channel

1 piece maintenance platform behind the hydraulic unit

1 piece feeding hopper with hydraulic change-over flap

1 platform for the hydraulic unit

2 switch cabinets, double-winged


Additional equipment for the press:

The press is equipped with a REFUSE ram.

The ram is prepared for the additional use of a 3-fold horizontal binding system (cross binding).

The control cabinet is prepared with a conveyor belt control for a drive power of up to 7.5 kW, including automatic chain lubrication.

A feed hopper with hydraulic changeover flap is mounted on the feed chute of the press. This flap makes it possible to divert the material flow into an adjacent container in the event of a malfunction or maintenance of the press. This allows production to continue.



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