Briquetting press, Höcker Polytechnik, type BrikStar CS 4-15-09-R, yoc 2019, only 10 operating hours, Briquette cross-section 65 mm, drive power 5,4 kW

Technical data briquetting press :

Manufacturer Höcker Polytechnik GmbH, Germany

Type BrikStar CS 4-15/09-L and CS 4-15/09-R (discharge briquettes left or right)

Year of construction 02/2019

Operating hours 10 hours

Number of pressed briquettes 1.587 pieces

Briquette cross-section 65 mm

Drive power hydraulic pump 4 kW

Drive power agitator 0.37 kW

Drive power of dosing screw 0.75 kW

Electrical connected load 5.4 kW

Rated current 8.5 A

Materials that can be briquetted are, for example, dust and chips of:

Wood, straw, paper, tissue, plastics and many other cellulosic materials.

Throughput capacity approx. 70 kg/hour, depending on material

Permissible material moisture approx. 8 to 15 %, depending on material

Specific weight of the pressed briquettes approx. 600 to 1100 kg/m³, material-dependent

Length of the pressed briquettes approx. 30 to 60 mm

Maximum pressure of hydraulic unit 180 bar

Dimensions material box 1,450 x 860 x 480 mm (l x w x d)

Transport dimensions 2,320 x 1,220 x 1,120 mm (l x w x h)


Condition of the briquetting press:

The briquetting press was exclusively used for only 10 hours in test operation with paper dust and is therefore in a very good condition. The machine is ready for immediate use.



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