The contactless personal protection system „Life Guard PSS i-BOR 17“

The perfect protection for your team according to EU Machinery Directive DIN EN 16252:2013-03.

OBM is a certified system partner of BOREMA Umwelttechnik AG for the supply, installation, commissioning and service of the contactless personal protection system PSS i-BOR 17.


When and why do I need a contactless personal protection system?

Operators of baling presses, shredding and recycling plants unconsciously endanger themselves on a daily basis. The legally required measures such as emergency stop buttons and tear ropes do not offer any protection if the person is unable to act (e.g. unconscious). In this case, they cannot stop a machine or system themselves in an emergency.

With the standard DIN EN 16252:2013-03, the EU Machinery Directive requires the supplementary use of contactless personal protection systems for underfloor loading without protective barriers.

What does "Life Guard PSS i-BOR 17" do?

The personal protection system of the Swiss manufacturer Borema Umwelttechnik AG, which is based on "Activ RFID Technology", is a supplementary, electronic safety device that switches off a machine or entire plant in the event of a personal hazard in conjunction with a personnel transponder (P-TAG).

What is RFID Technology?

RFID is a technology for transmitter-receiver systems for the automatic and contactless identification and localization of objects / persons by means of radio waves. (radio recognition)

How does the system work?

An RFID system consists of a transponder (transmitter unit), which is carried by the employee on his body, an activation module (ATM) which is permanently installed e.g. on the conveyor belt (see yellow tube in the picture below) and a controller (logic unit) which is mounted near the switch cabinet of the machine or system controller. If an incapable person with transponder falls on a conveyor belt of a baling press, for example, the machine or the entire plant is automatically switched off as soon as the transponder reaches the immediate area of the activation module (ATM) (see yellow tube in the picture below).

Why buy the BOREMA "Life Guard PSS i-BOR 17" when there are cheaper systems available?

BOREMA is the only Swiss manufacturer to offer a type approval E 7148 according to DIN EN 61496-1 for the whole of Europe at the highest performance level D. Manufacturers of other personal protection systems often do not fulfil the requirements of modern process control systems and cloud applications and usually also do not offer any possibilities to use the new industry standard 4.0.

Ask your trusted supplier if his manufacturer can guarantee this. If not, then we recommend that you consult your responsible trade association, supervisory or approval authority before making a purchase decision. Nothing is more annoying than investing twice because the competent authority does not approve the system of the first manufacturer.

You want to know exactly? You need more data, facts, pictures?

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