Paper pulper for vacuum batch operation, year of construction 2016, volume 40 m³, working volume 18 m³, throughput up to 3.5 pulper batches per hour

Technical data Pulper for vacuum batch operation:

Year of construction 2016

Operating hours approx. 3,500 hours

Total volume pulper 40 m³

Working volume pulper approx. 28 m³

Stock consistency < 15

Material conveying speed from TKF 0.4 m/second

Throughput rate up to 3.5 pulper batches per hour

Drive power Pulper Hi-Torc drive 440 kW

Max. Rotor speed 3,000rpm.


Material types:

Leached labels from breweries and mineral water bottling plants, wet-strength papers such as tissue production waste, security papers, etc., moisture content approx. 35 - 50%.

Beverage carton and other film-coated papers, moisture content approx. 22% on average

Kraft papers such as carrier bags, six-pack, sack papers without foil liner, ambient moisture content average 7%

Corrugated cardboard waste and clean paper waste, ambient moisture average 7%


Throughput calculation example in batch operation with leached labels, with 35% moisture content:

Target paper input 4,200 kg x 100% + 35% residual moisture : 100% = 5,670 kg quantity of paper to be conveyed with 35% moisture content for one batch


Calculation example for the required amount of filling water:

Working quantity 28,000 kg - 5,670 kg material input = 22,330 kg pulper filling water


Trough chain conveyor after dosing drum (material input):

Type TKF2   2200 - 23150, pos. 100

Centre distance 23,150 mm

1st horizontal section 4,000 mm

2nd horizontal section 3,350 mm

Elevating section 15,800 mm

Useful width 2,200 mm

Sidewall 800 mm

Incline 60°

Sheet thickness frame 4 mm

Belt speed 0.4 m/second

Drive motors 2 x 15 kW

Chain type FV 140

Pusher height 250 mm

Moving end pitch 250 mm



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