Baler BOA, type Impress D130.110.B.5-(5R).1.6, 127 t pressing force, yoc 2009, drive power 2 x 55 kW, with 10-fold cross tying system, with conveyor

A complete baling press system is for sale, consisting of a chain belt conveyor, the baling press with wire stations and bale chute.


Technical data baler:

Manufacturer BOA

Type Impress D130.110.B.5-(5R).1.6

Year of construction 2009

Press power main press 127 tons

Specific press capacity 10,7 kg/cm²

Working pressure 280 bar

Feed channel 1.620 x 972 mm (l x w)

Press volume / cycle 4,1 cbm

Volume throughput without load up to 865 cbm/hour

Cycle time under operating conditions 22 sec.

Press stroke 2.900 mm

Bale size 1.100 x 1.100 mm (w x h) length adjustable

Driving power 2 x 55 kW

Connected load 132 kW

Tying system 5-fold vertical, 5-fold horizontal, fully automated

Throughput rate at a

bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm up to 17 to/h

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm up to 29 to/h

bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm up to 37 to/h

bulk weight of 150 kg/cbm up to 51 to/h

Bale weight up to 1.200 kg

Volume hydraulic oil tank 1,850 L

SPS controller Siemens S 7

Operating panel SiemensToughscreen Multi Panel

Transport dimensions baler approx 12.741 x 2.400 x 3.360 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight baler approx. 50 tons


Technical data for the conveyor belt

Manufacturer BOA

Type 1700 HBS 32° KTH 11000 x 13076 x 1500

Year of construction 2009

Drive power 11 kW

Variable belt speed

Feed conveyor length 11,000 mm

Length of ascending belt 13,076 mm

Pitch 32°

Useful width 1,700 mm

Height of side wall of infeed conveyor, inside 800 mm

Height of side wall of ascending conveyor, inside 500 mm

Pit dimensions to conveyor belt 14,616 x 3,550 / 2,150 x 1,750 mm (l x w x d)



As you can see from the photos, this machine has some signs of wear that should be repaired and removed before it is used again. A basic maintenance and partial overhaul is recommended. The cylinder tube of the main hydraulic cylinder has a hairline crack and should definitely be replaced. The machine is expected to remain in single-shift operation until May and will then be replaced by a new press with conveyor belt.


An inspection of the machine during operation, including the use of materials, is possible by appointment. We accept no liability for the technical details or any errors.

Please note:

  • All technical data refer to specifications of producer/owner. We will not assume liability for the given statements and possible errors.
  • This offer is non-binding, prior sale excepted und revocable at any time.
  • Inspections possible after agreement. 
  • The sale is ex location, as it stands and lays, without liability and guarantee.