Baler Bollegraaf, type HBC 80 A, press power 78 tons, drive power 45 kW, yoc 1995, with chain belt conveyor, pre-compressor and ruffler

Technical data baler:

Manufacturer Bollegraaf

Type HBC 80 A

Year of construction 1995

Working hours 57,293, stand March 2022

Press power main press 78 tons

Press power of pre-press 42 tons

Feed channel 1,485 x 1,100 mm (l x w)

Capacity per cycle time 2,9 cbm

Theoretic cycle time 22 sec.

Bale size 720 x 1,100 mm (w x h), length adjustable

Driving motor 45 kW

Connected load 60 kW

Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automated

Throughput rate at a

bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm approx. 9 tons/h

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx. 18 tons/h

bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm approx. 30 tons/h

Throughput capacity with ruffler approx 20 tons/hour

Bale weight 550 up to 800 kg

Hydraulicoil 750 l

Baler dimensions with conveyor built up with hopper approx.10,700 x 2,350 x 6,522 mm (l x w x h)

Transport dimensions only baler approx.10,700 x 2,350 x 3,050 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight baler approx. 24 tons


Technical data conveyor belt:

Manufacturer Bollegraaf

Typ HBT 600/2000 * 19.186 30°/15°

Year of construction 1995

Driving motor 7,5 kW

Length feeding conveyor 5,223 mm

Length elevating conveyor 12,623 mm

Length goose neck 1,340 mm

Grade 30°

Effecting width 2,000 mm

Height of side wall feeding conv. 500 mm

Height of side wall elevating conv. 800 mm

Pit dimensions for conveyor belt 8,500 x 3,200 x 1,200 mm (l x w x d)



The press with conveyor belt is in good, operational condition, still in production until approx. the end of May and will then be replaced with a new press.


Additional equipment:

Between the discharge of the conveyor belt and the press, the press line is equipped with an optional pre-compressor and a ruffler. The pre-compressor consists of two laterally mounted pre-compression flaps that compress and thus pre-compress the material in front of the chute in the press, especially with large cardboard boxes and octatainers. This prevents blockages and offers a higher material throughput with large-format cartons. The Wirbulator is mainly used to loosen up and distribute newspapers, magazines, books, etc. in order to create optimum compaction and dimensional stability of the bales.


Scope of delivery:

Press with pre-compactor, ruffler, conveyor belt, two wire drawing stations for 5 wire rolls each (without wire) and bale slider.



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