Press after overhaul, with separate hydraulic unit and hopper, for loading via a ramp from the rear
The press was dismantled, derusted, primed and repainted.
The press ram was cleaned, derusted, primed and repainted.
A new base plate, 10 mm steel, was welded into the press channel.
Here the newly welded base plate in the press channel.
All hydraulic cylinders were dismantled and handed over to a hydraulic specialist for overhaul.
All hydraulic cylinders were disassembled, the piston rod, the cylinder wall were checked and all seal sets were replaced.
On the main hydraulic cylinder, in addition to the sealing sets, the piston rod and the cylinder eye were also replaced.
All seals on the cylinder for the needle plate feed were also replaced.
On the cylinder for the press channel, the piston rod was replaced in addition to the seals.
All plastic sliding plates on the press ram were dismantled and replaced.
Mounting of the piston rod of the main hydraulic cylinder on the press ram. Adjustment of the press ram horizontally and vertically.
All cylinders were checked with 300 bar test pressure after the overhaul and tested in trial operation after assembly.
The drilling and tying unit was completely disassembled down to the carrier plate. This was derusted, primed and painted.
All chain sprockets and blades have been cleaned and checked for damage and wear.
All bearings, bolts and nuts were renewed.
All wire deflection rollers were cleaned, made common and checked for wear. The limit switches of the tying unit have been adjusted.
The four horizontal running rails of the chain needles were renewed, the deflection arches overhauled, primed and painted.
All four chain needle strands including the needle head were completely renewed.
Assembly of the chain needle rails, connection and adjustment of the needle feed cylinder.
The deflection bends were adjusted and bolted to the vertical guide rails.
The material retaining clamps in the press frame were overhauled and provided with new fasteners.
The cover of the press channel was mounted and bolted with the reconditioned bale clamp and cylinder.
The hydraulic power unit positioned separately under the ramp was equipped with new hydraulic hoses including burst protection.
All hydraulic hoses on the press were replaced by hoses with burst protection.
After the overhaul, the machine was tested in operation without using of material.
The press is available and ready for operation at short notice.

Baler Presto HPK 50 BSK, press power 50 tons, yoc 2011, drive power 22 kW, only 7,208 working hours, overhauled and tested, ready for operation

Technical data baler

Manufacturer Presto

Typ HPK 50 BSK

Year of construction 2011

Hours of operation 7,208 hours

Press power 50 tons

Specific pressing force 650 kN

Feed channel 1,250 x 1,050 mm (l x w)

Capacity per cycle time 0,96 m³

Theoretic cycle time 22 sec.

Theoretical idle power 160 m³/hour

Bale size 1,100 x 700 mm (w x h)

Driving motor 22 kW

Rated current 41 A

Tying system 4-fold vertical, fully automated

Throughput rate at a

bulk weight of 35 kg/cbm approx. 4,3 tons/hour

bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm  approx. 6,7 tons/hour

bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm  approx. 10,4 tons/hour

Bale weight  up to 500 kg, depending on material

SPS controller (manuf., type) Siemens S7 200

Operating panel (manuf., type) Siemens SIMATIC Touch

Transport dimensions only baler 6,780 x 1,800 x 2,400 mm (l x w x h)

Machine weight baler approx. 8,750 kg


The following overhaul work was carried out:

Machine dismantled, cleaned, derusted, primed and repainted.

Press ram dismantled, derusted, primed, painted, all plastic sliding plates incl. screws were renewed.

A new floor (steel plate 10 mm) was welded into the press channel.

All wire deflection rollers in the press frame were cleaned and made common.

All cylinders, the main hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder of the press channel, the cylinder of the twisting unit and the cylinder of the needle plate were dismantled and completely disassembled.

All sealing sets were renewed, the piston rods of the main hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder of the press channel were also renewed.

All hydraulic hoses were renewed.

The setting and twisting unit was completely disassembled into individual parts, cleaned, derusted, the components checked and reassembled. All shafts were fitted with new bearings.

The rails of the chain needles were renewed, the round arches were overhauled, primed and repainted.

All 4 chain needle lines including needle heads were renewed.

The material retaining clamps in the press frame were overhauled and provided with new fasteners.

After the overhaul, the machine was tested in idle operation, without material usage, see video.




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